When did vintage spools get swoon-worthy? Now.

Often vintage spools are repurposed in a crafty manner.

This is not one of those times.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 4.03.53 PMLet me introduce Homepolish, an interior decorating ‘matchmaking’ service of sorts that turned J. Hilburn’s pop-up shop in NYC into {swoon} well, why don’t you see for yourself.

You’ll be glad you did.

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The County Ear Flap Hat Sewing Pattern | Upcycle some vintage threads for classic winter style

Just in:

The County Ear Flap Hat pdf sewing pattern at worthygoods.

The County earflap hat pdf advantages

A new digital download sewing pattern is in the handmade shop! In plenty of time for chilly temps to set in, too. You can use it as an excuse to hit up the local sew shop or keep it green. Most everything about The County ear flap hat is up-cyclable, folks. The hat fabric can be made out of a thrifted wool skirt, shirt, coat; most any garment with wooly tartan-appeal. The cozy lining can be an old fleece jacket that isn’t getting any wear, or you could go organic and put some cuddly organic cotton fleece in there. Top it with an eye-catching button and you’ve got yourself a go-to bitter-weather hat.

Ear Flap The County Hat sideways PDF pattern page 3Find out more at the worthygoods blog.

And when you make one.

Let me know!



Sale and Giveaway at the shop!

worthygoods textile 15 off Over the Top Blossom Festival Motif Kelly 2


It’s true!

Save 15% at the shop on Tsuru from Cloud9, Robotic from Birch, fluffy organic sherpa, terry, terry velour, french terry and fleece, vintage spools, and any other goodies you might find there. Just enter SUMMERTIME at checkout for your 15% discount. Sale ends Sunday, August 11th. Don’t be late!

Wait, didn’t someone say something about a giveaway?

Yep! Read on…

Patsycake Baby is having an ultra, super-sized, multi-vendor giveaway and worthygoods textile is offering a yard of organic cotton fleece as part of the bundle. Want to enter to win a slew of goodies? Head on over to her facebook page to throw your hat into the ring.


Yeah, I love that hat, too.

Find it and others like it at my handmade shop, worthygoods.

The man behind the mirror | Ab Fab | Free chevron quilt pattern

The Mad Hatter of Maui.

That’s the handle for the man behind the Mirror Ball Dot series. (Or, what I so comfortingly refer to as my stash.)

An interesting and talented character for sure, but what inspired him when it came to the name for this flashy coveted fabric line?

A Jennifer Saunders pilot. Yeah. Edina of AbFab. Somehow that just fits, doesn’t it?

The glam the flash… Somehow I like it even more.

Well, now you’ve got to hear the rest of the story. And when you start humming This Wheel’s on Fire, I’ll chime in.

But first…

the chev!

Aah. Yes. Lovely, isn’t it?

I’ve been heavy-crushing on the chevy trend for awhile now. And while I’ve never quilted a day in my life (secret’s out!) this may be just the project to put me in the quilty saddle. It’s an Ab Fab chevron quilt pattern by Marinda Stewart. She’s certainly caught my eye with this one.

And speaking of trends,

“Sometimes — okay MANY times – I find that I am ahead of my time when it comes to design. I suppose I must have an innate knack for spotting a hot trend way before it’s even a trend, or perhaps it’s because I have the attention span of a dead flashlight battery and get bored easily – or more accurately it’s probably both.” -Mark Hordyszynski

You’ll want to know more about this Mad Hatter of Maui.

And while you’re reading, you’ll have to guess which of those “quotes from adoring MBD fans” are mine… Ahem.

This wheel’s on fire…

I’ve got some hats to sew, folks!

This Wheel’s On Fire, via YouTube. See the newest Mirror Ball Dot release fabrics from Michael Miller Fabrics here. Photos: Mad Hatter of Maui, Wikipedia

My Stash Update : Internets are Magic or Three Degrees of Separation

Firstly, just let me say that I love you, internets. Come here, you and let me give you all a big kiss. Secondly, I best clear off some shelf space.

stashThe very day I’m inspired to wax poetic about this lovely shimmery dotted rainbow of a stash of mine. The day I decide to share my persistent collection of a fabric line that’s been discontinued for years. Well, something awesome happened. This same day the designer of this line just happens to comment on my post. Yeah, I know. Kindly responding with something along the lines of, ‘Hey guess what? It’s being re-introduced. Tomorrow!’ And by tomorrow, he meant today.

Instant gratification? Delivered.

Two conclusions:

One, I love the internets! and two, I should have told you about my stash sooner. : )

ALSO: You’ll want to check out these fabrics. With color names like Snow, Silver, Onyx and Rice they might sound like basic shades, but combined with the unusual element of metallic shimmer… Well, you might find yourself wanting to add them to your stash, too.

Click to read the history on My Stash.