Boo! | Featuring: indigotwin holiday primitive folk art sculpture



indigotwin holiday primitive folk art sculptures


No? Me neither.

More like struck silly with the adorableness of these three spooks by Cortney of indigotwin holiday. Her personality-filled whimsical folk art is handmade in her studio from paper or polymer clay, no molds, folks! Every little detail is one of a kind.

And all of this charm hasn’t gone unnoticed.

indigotwin Halloween feature in Holidays & Celebrations 2013

indigotwin holiday‘s Halloween primitives have been featured in Holidays & Celebrations 2013 September issue. Inside you can find an ‘ingredient list’ and instructions to make your own adorable little creeps and lots of other holiday swag. For the body of these little Halloween ghoulies, Cortney has used vintage spools from the shop.  Swing on over to indigotwin holiday‘s Etsy shop to get you and your space gussied up for the season.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 10.11.05 AMindigotwin worthygoods textile wooden pirin spools Halloweenindigotwin worthygoods textile pirin wooden spools Halloween

For the DIY details, you can get your own copy of this crafty mag here.  And the shop has been re-stocked with spools galore, guys. Check it out.




Featuring: Miss Ladyfingers & her organic cotton bandana bib

Let me introduce you to Miss Ladyfingers.

She’s one of those crafty ladies that works all kinds of magic. And if you visit her blog, you’ll see what I mean.

But what I’m loving is this drooly bib-bandanna creation. Been around a tooth/teeth-coming-in-toddler? You know- so smart.

Sewn from organic cotton terry and organic Monsterz Spotlight in orange by Cloud9 Fabrics. I’m pretty sure it would be muuch easier to talk a toddler into sporting one of these than a ‘baby’ bib, no?

Great idea, Amanthus!

Be sure to stop by her shop and check out her snap cowls for toddlers and grown-ups alike.

Project in progress: Princess and the Pea by Tree Fall Designs

I opened up my mailbox

and was bitten by the Mollie Makes bug.

The little people that accompanied me on the mail run were completely smitten with the softie on the cover.

“Can you make me one, Mom?” While Jam Baby, too small for the vocab, was nodding hard in agreement, eyes wide and brows raised. Before we made it back up the driveway we already had plans made for a price and a princess. And the prince would have curly hair. Of course.

This little sleeping princess dolly and genius stack of quilts was designed by Manda McGrory, a British textiles designer for Mollie Makes magazine issue 15 {find the templates here}. But for us it’s prince and princess, twice the quilts, as well as some curly hair to boot…

I’m up for the challenge.

Are you?

Updated: Introducing, the royals.

You’re not? Well, Manda’s shop is here. She sells her princess and the pea sets there, as well as some inspiring scrap packs that would make fun little dresses, or princely shorts. Ahem.

The man behind the mirror | Ab Fab | Free chevron quilt pattern

The Mad Hatter of Maui.

That’s the handle for the man behind the Mirror Ball Dot series. (Or, what I so comfortingly refer to as my stash.)

An interesting and talented character for sure, but what inspired him when it came to the name for this flashy coveted fabric line?

A Jennifer Saunders pilot. Yeah. Edina of AbFab. Somehow that just fits, doesn’t it?

The glam the flash… Somehow I like it even more.

Well, now you’ve got to hear the rest of the story. And when you start humming This Wheel’s on Fire, I’ll chime in.

But first…

the chev!

Aah. Yes. Lovely, isn’t it?

I’ve been heavy-crushing on the chevy trend for awhile now. And while I’ve never quilted a day in my life (secret’s out!) this may be just the project to put me in the quilty saddle. It’s an Ab Fab chevron quilt pattern by Marinda Stewart. She’s certainly caught my eye with this one.

And speaking of trends,

“Sometimes — okay MANY times – I find that I am ahead of my time when it comes to design. I suppose I must have an innate knack for spotting a hot trend way before it’s even a trend, or perhaps it’s because I have the attention span of a dead flashlight battery and get bored easily – or more accurately it’s probably both.” -Mark Hordyszynski

You’ll want to know more about this Mad Hatter of Maui.

And while you’re reading, you’ll have to guess which of those “quotes from adoring MBD fans” are mine… Ahem.

This wheel’s on fire…

I’ve got some hats to sew, folks!

This Wheel’s On Fire, via YouTube. See the newest Mirror Ball Dot release fabrics from Michael Miller Fabrics here. Photos: Mad Hatter of Maui, Wikipedia

Just in: Shimmery Ribbons

What a beautiful mess.

Looks like a headache, doesn’t it?

Well, for me it’s kind of the perfect excuse. The perfect excuse to sit on the couch with a pile of shimmer dot ribbons beside me. First, I’ll tease out one five yard strand, then carefully wrap it on it’s own stamped card, until they all look like this.

working from couch.

Once the movie’s over and the skinny million little threads are picked up, it’s time to put them in the shop.

Aren’t those spring-y colors nice to see? They have me thinking about Easter. Quite a feat considering the foggy, rainy day. : ) If you’d like some, you can find them here.

What’s your perfect excuse to sit?