My Stash Update : Internets are Magic or Three Degrees of Separation

Firstly, just let me say that I love you, internets. Come here, you and let me give you all a big kiss. Secondly, I best clear off some shelf space.

stashThe very day I’m inspired to wax poetic about this lovely shimmery dotted rainbow of a stash of mine. The day I decide to share my persistent collection of a fabric line that’s been discontinued for years. Well, something awesome happened. This same day the designer of this line just happens to comment on my post. Yeah, I know. Kindly responding with something along the lines of, ‘Hey guess what? It’s being re-introduced. Tomorrow!’ And by tomorrow, he meant today.

Instant gratification? Delivered.

Two conclusions:

One, I love the internets! and two, I should have told you about my stash sooner. : )

ALSO: You’ll want to check out these fabrics. With color names like Snow, Silver, Onyx and Rice they might sound like basic shades, but combined with the unusual element of metallic shimmer… Well, you might find yourself wanting to add them to your stash, too.

Click to read the history on My Stash.


3 thoughts on “My Stash Update : Internets are Magic or Three Degrees of Separation

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