My stash.

When it comes to fabric, I’m a bit of a collector. And like most things I have an unreasonable attachment to, ie candy, I find it necessary to have it in comforting amounts. The odd thing is, I don’t always use the stash. But that’s not to say I don’t need it.

Introducing my shimmer dot fabric. You might have come across it in my worthygoods musings. I’ve been amassing this lovely rainbow since coming across 4 bolts of it in our local surplus and salvage store. That was in 2007. I had to have it all. Why? I wasn’t sure, but I did know that it was brilliant. And so. me. My shimmery-bolted rainbow is seriously inspiring. I’m arranging, re-arranging. They manage to put a little tuning fork into the color part of my brain, focusing the tone of whatever I’m working on.

double stack

I know, right? In lieu of ‘needing’ this fabric for my then brand-spanking-new shop, I was swiftly buying it up. 8 bolts here, 4 here, 2 here… But just as I opened an account with the manufacturer, it was discontinued. *gasp* Needless to say, I’ve been scouring the internets since. Looking for yardage here and there, for a ‘new’ color I don’t have or one I’m out of, having sewn up into hats or slings.

what am I missing...

Funny thing? I’m not the only one. Some one else is desperately searching for more, too. Only she’s gone one step further and actually contacted the designer to inquire about any yardage he might have left to sell. For reals, folks. This is some compelling fiber.

brain-tingling color!

So. What’s your stash look like? Tell me about it and post a link.


The internets are magic, folks.


19 thoughts on “My stash.

  1. Aloha! This is Mark. As you mentioned in your post, someone contacted me recently re: MBD – I don’t recall this but do have a memory of it some time ago and don’t know if this is the same. Anyway, you should contact me. We’re releasing 5 colors of MBD tomorrow (4 previous colors and 1 new one) and doing a HUGE release as soon as we get the color card together. Thanks for liking my design so much!

    • Hey, welcome, Mark! More mirror ball dot shimmery goodness is on its way? And tomorrow, no less? Cue angel song. I’m pumped to hear about just which shades are coming out, too. It might be time to open up some space to expand my MBD ‘installation’.

      By the way, I’ve got my fingers crossed for Toffee and Poppy. ; )

    • you have no idea how happy you have made me!! i know it sounds crazy, but i think i could shed a tear!!! this is my all-time favorite fabric line and i cannot wait to be able to get more of it! i have been hoarding it and now feel safe using my stash! ;) thanks!!!!!

      • Amy, I know how you feel! I just started to use some of the colors I’ve been clinging tightly to. The promise of new fun shades makes it ok to enjoy sewing with again. What are you thinking about making?

  2. Well, when it comes to colors… Toffee may be a contender but Poppy was a fashion color and although still loved, was of a moment in time. As the creator of Fairy Frost, I can tell you there are so many new luscious and yummy colors in the making that I am – presently – overwhelmed with the choices we have created. Rest assured, I’ll do my best to make sure it’s all going to be fantastic!

    May I link to your blog, or use your images/post in a future post of my own? I would be thrilled to share your story!


    • Link away! You are more than welcome to use the images, too. I’d love to connect with other mirror ball dot fans. With words like luscious and yummy, it sure sounds like a wonderful kind of overwhelmed. I’m confident it’ll all be ab fab.

      • I can tell your reply is both gracious and heart-felt! Let’s start a community of MBD fans, LOL! Continue the dialogue – as you are a fan, I’ll make sure that you get what you deserve ;)

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  7. I am thrilled to see your lovely stash (I have 5 colors of the famous mirror ball fabric and am still kicking myself for not buying a fq set of them in a cool tin box about 2 years ago when I saw it.). I was even more thrilled read how this fabric is being re-released in new and old colors. I may need to build a new room on my house just for this fabric. Thank you and thank you Mark!

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