Just in: Feather River organic cotton fabrics by Birch Fabrics | Get glamping!

Fall camping is the best.

No crowds, the foliage is gorgeous, you’ve got the shore all to yourself and the perfect excuse to wear your favorite sweater every single day.

It’s all I can think about since Feather River arrived, Birch Fabric’s new fall camping collection. textile feather river all 4 bolts 3Canoes, vintage campers and their adorable wagons, trees in glorious shades of autumn. Just what you’d expect for the perfect glamping trip.textile Feather River - Feather River 1textile feather river all 4 bolts 4textile Feather River Canoes 1textile feather river all 4 bolts 2Textile Feather River - Camper Rally 1Find all four fabrics: Feather River, Feather River Patch, Camper Rally and Canoes at worthygoods textile.

See you there!

And don’t forget to pack your sweater.textile Feather River - Feather River Patch2




Lookout Weekend, 15% Off! | Sale shopwide on organic fabrics, vintage spools & bobbins this weekend only!

Boom. Weekend, improved.

15% off at the shop!

Lookout Weekend Debbie Deb

Yep. I’m doing my taxes, folks. So, in an attempt to balance out all the negative energy around here I’m having a sale. On everything. All of the things at worthygoods textile are on sale. Just ’cause. Between this sale, the caramel in my coffee and my Pandora 80’s radio station, I’ve just given this previously-drudgey weekend a Dory-style makeover. Yep, Debbie Debb and I are singing the same song, “Look out weekend, cause here I come. Because weekends were made for fun.”

Take that tax paperwork monster.

Now you’ve got 80’s prices, Pat Benetar hair and caffeine buzz.

textile sale today 5

Oh right back to the shop sale. Get a deal on Cloud9 organic designer sewing fabrics, vintage wooden bobbins, spools, organic cotton terry velour, sherpa, flannel, terry and fleece. Find it all 15% off at the shop.


Just in: Organic canvas, flannel & quilting cottons from Cloud9 Fabrics

textile organic micro mod tick tock seaweed grass sky


Something new at the shop!

textile organic micro mod tick tock white


textile organic seaweed | purple micro modtextile organic crumbs | earth seaweed | purple tick tock | white speckle | sky 1textile organic nursery basics sky grass earth | crumbs 5textile organic circles | turquoise canvastextile organic canvas circles | turquoise flannel crumbs | Sky Basics Speckle | Sky labeled

Want to try some?

Head on down to the shop.


Just in: Monsterz

Monsterz just arrived on my doorstep.

Who knew they would be so cute?

Pretty darned adorable, those monsterz. A new collection by Michéle Brummer-Everett for Cloud9 Fabrics, all with this lightly-drawn children’s illustration quality. When I see this collection I get a bit nostalgic for Barbapapa and that thumbprint book by Ed Emberly. But these happy little critters in hip unisex shades? They are for the modern kiddo, and quite possibly his or her sentimental parent. Ahem.


You can find these fresh cute organics in the shop.

Inspiration | The Calico Jungle

Does inspiration come out of the blue?

Or the pages of a good book. Take naptime, for instance.

Mr. P, Jam Baby and I were all snuggled up to read The Calico Jungle by Dahlov Ipcar. And if you’ve read it, you know where this is going.

“Every night, after his mother tucked him into bed and kissed him good night, the little boy lay there in his bed, in the dim evening light, and looked at all the animals among the strange and wonderful trees. “

Excerpt from The Calico Jungle

It’s time for this mother to make her boy a quilt. A vibrant jungle quilt. One with bold shades of black and green. Where the animals and the flora are layered and twine. In this story, my story, the mother is inspired by another mother, artist Dahlov Ipcar. Inspired by her bold, lush artwork, intense use of color and pattern, as well as her tale. It’s time to start collecting fabrics, thrifted and new. Time to start sketching and planning. Time to begin.

What book has inspired you to create?

Learn more about Dhalov Ipcar in her own words, My Family, My Life, My Art. Purchase your own copy of The Calico Jungle from Islandport Press.