Just in: Fabric scrap bundles & small scrap fabric sewing projects

The annual studio destash has begun.

Bundles for days.

textile scrap bundle tropical madras patchwork #2 22oz (2)Last week the worthygoods textile studio got it’s biggest shipment of US made, GOTS certified organic fabrics ever.

This week? This week it’s time to tidy up a years worth of making at the worthygoods & worthygoods textile atelier. Tidy by gathering up all those fabric scraps from custom hats, ties, bolt ends and whatnot; and bundle them up for you. Wool, madras, linen, organic cotton terry, fleece, french terry and velour bundles.textile scrap bundle dot fabric 5

Find all these scrappy bundles here. What to do with these bundles of fun? I’ve pinned so many small sewing projects right here for you. I’m desperate to try this US states map embroidery hoop iron-on project. 

Screenshot 2015-03-30 09.54.17

What are you waiting for?

Find your bundle, here.textile scrap bundle organic #02


DIY your super-guy a tie | Last-minute Father’s Day gift sewing project

Sew up a tie for Father’s Day.


No. Not when the tie is an indie-designed organic cotton voile that’s been hand-sewn by you. Not even close to cliché. This Daddy? He’s not so cliché, either. Read on to see why we’re substituting a tie for a cape this year.

DIY tie for a wedding or Father's Day in organic Cloud9 Fabric #quick #project

the pattern

The father in this house wears a tie 3 or 4 days a week, he needs ’em, guys. And my penchant for thrifting is handy in so many ways but finding a handsome tie at Goodwill? Close to never. I found Molly’s Sketchbook: Father’s Day Tie tutorial at The Purl Bee. Lovely instructions, step-by-step photos and a decent pattern. Note: you’ll want to add about 4-5″ to the middle pattern piece for a traditional length tie. As the current version results in a very handsome, but too-short tie. (slice it in the center and tape in a bit of paper to increase length)  Also, I only used iron-on interfacing and didn’t include the second slip-in piece. (I made one exactly following that tutorial last year, trust me) This year, it is the perfect length and not so stiff. Minimal sewing required, just two short lines on the machine, precise ironing and a bit of hand-stitching. Easy to do while catching up on the Hulu backlog.

purl bee DIY tie for a wedding or Father's Day in organic Cloud9 Fabric #quick #project

the fabric

Swoony, isn’t it? Organic cotton voile from the Koi collection designed by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cloud9 Fabrics. It has a fine hand and gives the suggested Tana Lawn decent competition. With a tiny bit of a ‘lining’ fabric at each tip, the suggested white seemed boring so I went with Speckle | Sky also from Cloud9. It makes for a modern, handsome spring-summer sort of tie with fantastic pops of pink and mustard. Personality all around, folks.

Last minute DIY tie for a wedding or Father's Day in organic Cloud9 Fabric #quick #project

We hope Daddy likes it.

And we’re betting he will.

Want to make one? Go for it! It’s a quick project, you only need to devote an hour or two at most. The tricky part is getting him distracted so you can work your magic, no? Peruse your stash for a handsome print, madras even. Find the pattern and tutorial here. And don’t forget to add 4-5 inches in the middle section.

You can do this.

Maine People's Alliance's director, Jesse Graham speaks about Mercury Clean Up on the Penobscot River in Maine

Here’s last year’s tie in action.

What’s Daddy up to?

Trying to get some scroogey chemical company to clean up the mercury they left behind in the Penobscot river. Pretty sweet.

He’s a tie-wearing environmental champion, right?

We’re pretty proud of this Daddy. You can read more about him, the court case and long-standing clean-up efforts here. See? The tie works waaaay better than a cape in this case. ;-)

Wuv. Well, that and a few good Valentine’s Day sewing puns.

And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva…

Do you think Princess Buttercup liked to sew?

textile don't be spoolish valentine blackened primitive spool mirror 2

I’m getting off-track here with the Princess Bride reference. Ahem. So! I’ve got a whole bunch of spoolishness coming your way in the form of a printable download.

Wait. You didn’t get enough sewing puns in my last post?

Well, have no fear, my dears.

worthygoods textile spoolish valentines day sayings

Just click all that pun-i-liciousness and print it out. Grab your scissors, cut out the ribbon ‘strips’,  then wrap each around a wooden spool and secure for a most unique (and waaaay too simple to be this cute) Valentine.

Valentine DIY quick printable with sewing punsEasy quick DIY sewing ValentineValentine's Day sewing inspiration

Looking for some of those wooden spools? Find them here, in the shop.

Seams like I’ve got my Valentines all buttoned up | Don’t be spoolish. Be mine.

What would Valentine’s Day be without a stack of eye-roll inducing, pun-laden notes?

Only worth the candy that came with the cards, that’s what.

textile don't be spoolish valentine blackened primitive spool mirror 2I love a good pun. Let’s be honest. I love the bad ones, too. So, I’ll be clear and just state that aside from the general lovey-mush, Valentine’s day  is my perfect combination of crafty and silly. This year I’ve been inspired to step away from the doilies and glue stick, though.

Biased against sewing puns this Valentines’?

Prepare to get needled.

Before you roll your eyes at this thread, check out my inspiration. Studio Carta has put together a clever idea here with some simple ingredients: wooden spools, paper and twine. I’m taking a bit of the romance out of this notion and putting my own punny twist on it. Darn, you knew this was coming, right? Seriously. Well, not seriously, just seriously silly. A hem.

spool valentine by Studio Carta


You can find a stash of spools at the shop of course and head on over here for a cringe-worthy sewing pun thread. And if you make some? TELL ME ABOUT IT. I’ll be back with an update and my finished Valentines, promise. Come back and read about it.

You’ll be sew glad you did.

Knot kidding.

don't be spoolish, be my Valentine


Ab Fab Mirror Ball Blog Hop Giveaway & Contest. Comment to win!

Welcome to my stop on the

Mirror Ball Blog Hop

Can I get you a cup of tea while I warm mine up?

Sugar or milk?

Get cozy because I’m excited to share my challenge project {and process} with you. Just be sure to leave a comment on this post to enter to win the giveaway of 5 Mirror Ball Dot FQ’s & a Mirror Ball Dot color swatch card. {jealous} Challenge? Yes! These are our hop parameters; select 4 fat quarters of the new Mirror Ball Dot collection and 3 quarter yards of Cotton Couture. Next? Well, get to work! Get your crafty Mirror Ball Dot make on.

And we did, folks.

Thankfully this wasn’t just limited to quilters, ’cause you know I’d be out of the running. So when I saw we had full permission to work 3D, I had to throw my hat in the ring. Ahem. Ab Fab‘s bold intro inspired my color choices, neon shades of Citron, Clementine and Citrus accented by cool turquoise-y Luna and Lagoon. Here’s how it went down.

First I tore it all apart.

wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 3

Then I pieced it back together.

Strip by strip.

wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 12

Fusing the layered and frayed strips together with a nice heavyweight interfacing. Leaving the raw, feathery edges free as contrast to the crisp, chic shimmery dots. This shimmery dot fabric has an amazing feel, and the pearlescent dots give it a bit more structure than traditional quilting cotton. When finished, it retains a crisp look, with body and resiliency that resists all sorts of handling and wear. Plus, it’s got a little flash and who among us doesn’t have a bit of seagull in them?

wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 2

At this point, I was already head over heels with this bright, summery, circus tent look. But I heard Tim Gunn whispering in my ear, “Make it work!” Get a move on, girl. This dreamy Saturday morning isn’t going to last forever.

So I stitched and I stitched and I stitched.

wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 4

And now I’m in love.

wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 9

wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 7wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 5wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 8

wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 14

The best part?

I get to wear it.

wgt blog mirror ball blog hop 15

You know what? Patsy might even love this hat. If not, Eddie would sport it in some ungainly manner, much like myself. But it’s not about how you look, it’s how you feel.

Eddie: What do you see when you look in the mirror, darling?
Patsy: Me looking fabulous. What do you see?

Think you’d like to give it a try?

This hat was made with my Over the Top Sun Hat pattern, it’s an instant PDF download via my handmade shop. The fabulous Mirror Ball Dot fabrics can be found where Michael Miller Fabrics are sold, the Fat Quarter Shop looks pretty stocked. Just rip up the fabrics in 2 dot widths, 1″ wide, layer and fuse to create one fabulous hat. Got questions? Just ask. And if you make one, please, let me know.

Before you go, don’t forget to leave a comment!

You’ll be entered to win your very own fat quarter bundle of shimmery dotted goodness and a color swatch card, to boot! I’ll be drawing the winner {randomly} next Sunday, 6/2. {good luck}