DIY your super-guy a tie | Last-minute Father’s Day gift sewing project

Sew up a tie for Father’s Day.


No. Not when the tie is an indie-designed organic cotton voile that’s been hand-sewn by you. Not even close to cliché. This Daddy? He’s not so cliché, either. Read on to see why we’re substituting a tie for a cape this year.

DIY tie for a wedding or Father's Day in organic Cloud9 Fabric #quick #project

the pattern

The father in this house wears a tie 3 or 4 days a week, he needs ’em, guys. And my penchant for thrifting is handy in so many ways but finding a handsome tie at Goodwill? Close to never. I found Molly’s Sketchbook: Father’s Day Tie tutorial at The Purl Bee. Lovely instructions, step-by-step photos and a decent pattern. Note: you’ll want to add about 4-5″ to the middle pattern piece for a traditional length tie. As the current version results in a very handsome, but too-short tie. (slice it in the center and tape in a bit of paper to increase length)  Also, I only used iron-on interfacing and didn’t include the second slip-in piece. (I made one exactly following that tutorial last year, trust me) This year, it is the perfect length and not so stiff. Minimal sewing required, just two short lines on the machine, precise ironing and a bit of hand-stitching. Easy to do while catching up on the Hulu backlog.

purl bee DIY tie for a wedding or Father's Day in organic Cloud9 Fabric #quick #project

the fabric

Swoony, isn’t it? Organic cotton voile from the Koi collection designed by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cloud9 Fabrics. It has a fine hand and gives the suggested Tana Lawn decent competition. With a tiny bit of a ‘lining’ fabric at each tip, the suggested white seemed boring so I went with Speckle | Sky also from Cloud9. It makes for a modern, handsome spring-summer sort of tie with fantastic pops of pink and mustard. Personality all around, folks.

Last minute DIY tie for a wedding or Father's Day in organic Cloud9 Fabric #quick #project

We hope Daddy likes it.

And we’re betting he will.

Want to make one? Go for it! It’s a quick project, you only need to devote an hour or two at most. The tricky part is getting him distracted so you can work your magic, no? Peruse your stash for a handsome print, madras even. Find the pattern and tutorial here. And don’t forget to add 4-5 inches in the middle section.

You can do this.

Maine People's Alliance's director, Jesse Graham speaks about Mercury Clean Up on the Penobscot River in Maine

Here’s last year’s tie in action.

What’s Daddy up to?

Trying to get some scroogey chemical company to clean up the mercury they left behind in the Penobscot river. Pretty sweet.

He’s a tie-wearing environmental champion, right?

We’re pretty proud of this Daddy. You can read more about him, the court case and long-standing clean-up efforts here. See? The tie works waaaay better than a cape in this case. ;-)


Sewing Small | Scrap fabric bundle & stash buster inspiration | Quick project, big fun

Some days are for sewing small.

A little project with double the satisfaction.

A bout of inspiration hits and you find yourself making up something new. Not only are you left with a great little handmade something-or-other but you’ve also just taken that scrap fabric stash down a notch. Win-win. When you get the itch to make, but you don’t want to invest a whole lot of time, I’ve gotcha covered.

quick little stash buster projects

Here are some projects I’ve been collecting along the way.

Projects to use up that scrap stash that keeps eyeing you every time you bring new yardage into your sewing room. Or get some inspiration with these scrappy bundles at the shop.

But today?

My favorite is this one.

It doesn’t even involve sewing. Just some scissors, an iron, heat-n-bond ultra and a bare wall, or ceiling.

diy fabric wall decals


Quick project, big fun!

Am I right?

Project in progress: Princess and the Pea by Tree Fall Designs

I opened up my mailbox

and was bitten by the Mollie Makes bug.

The little people that accompanied me on the mail run were completely smitten with the softie on the cover.

“Can you make me one, Mom?” While Jam Baby, too small for the vocab, was nodding hard in agreement, eyes wide and brows raised. Before we made it back up the driveway we already had plans made for a price and a princess. And the prince would have curly hair. Of course.

This little sleeping princess dolly and genius stack of quilts was designed by Manda McGrory, a British textiles designer for Mollie Makes magazine issue 15 {find the templates here}. But for us it’s prince and princess, twice the quilts, as well as some curly hair to boot…

I’m up for the challenge.

Are you?

Updated: Introducing, the royals.

You’re not? Well, Manda’s shop is here. She sells her princess and the pea sets there, as well as some inspiring scrap packs that would make fun little dresses, or princely shorts. Ahem.