Just in: Fabric scrap bundles & small scrap fabric sewing projects

The annual studio destash has begun.

Bundles for days.

textile scrap bundle tropical madras patchwork #2 22oz (2)Last week the worthygoods textile studio got it’s biggest shipment of US made, GOTS certified organic fabrics ever.

This week? This week it’s time to tidy up a years worth of making at the worthygoods & worthygoods textile atelier. Tidy by gathering up all those fabric scraps from custom hats, ties, bolt ends and whatnot; and bundle them up for you. Wool, madras, linen, organic cotton terry, fleece, french terry and velour bundles.textile scrap bundle dot fabric 5

Find all these scrappy bundles here. What to do with these bundles of fun? I’ve pinned so many small sewing projects right here for you. I’m desperate to try this US states map embroidery hoop iron-on project. 

Screenshot 2015-03-30 09.54.17

What are you waiting for?

Find your bundle, here.textile scrap bundle organic #02


Sewing Small | Scrap fabric bundle & stash buster inspiration | Quick project, big fun

Some days are for sewing small.

A little project with double the satisfaction.

A bout of inspiration hits and you find yourself making up something new. Not only are you left with a great little handmade something-or-other but you’ve also just taken that scrap fabric stash down a notch. Win-win. When you get the itch to make, but you don’t want to invest a whole lot of time, I’ve gotcha covered.

quick little stash buster projects

Here are some projects I’ve been collecting along the way.

Projects to use up that scrap stash that keeps eyeing you every time you bring new yardage into your sewing room. Or get some inspiration with these scrappy bundles at the shop.

But today?

My favorite is this one.

It doesn’t even involve sewing. Just some scissors, an iron, heat-n-bond ultra and a bare wall, or ceiling.

diy fabric wall decals


Quick project, big fun!

Am I right?