Ab Fab Mirror Ball Blog Hop Giveaway & Contest. Comment to win!

Welcome to my stop on the

Mirror Ball Blog Hop

Can I get you a cup of tea while I warm mine up?

Sugar or milk?

Get cozy because I’m excited to share my challenge project {and process} with you. Just be sure to leave a comment on this post to enter to win the giveaway of 5 Mirror Ball Dot FQ’s & a Mirror Ball Dot color swatch card. {jealous} Challenge? Yes! These are our hop parameters; select 4 fat quarters of the new Mirror Ball Dot collection and 3 quarter yards of Cotton Couture. Next? Well, get to work! Get your crafty Mirror Ball Dot make on.

And we did, folks.

Thankfully this wasn’t just limited to quilters, ’cause you know I’d be out of the running. So when I saw we had full permission to work 3D, I had to throw my hat in the ring. Ahem. Ab Fab‘s bold intro inspired my color choices, neon shades of Citron, Clementine and Citrus accented by cool turquoise-y Luna and Lagoon. Here’s how it went down.

First I tore it all apart.

wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 3

Then I pieced it back together.

Strip by strip.

wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 12

Fusing the layered and frayed strips together with a nice heavyweight interfacing. Leaving the raw, feathery edges free as contrast to the crisp, chic shimmery dots. This shimmery dot fabric has an amazing feel, and the pearlescent dots give it a bit more structure than traditional quilting cotton. When finished, it retains a crisp look, with body and resiliency that resists all sorts of handling and wear. Plus, it’s got a little flash and who among us doesn’t have a bit of seagull in them?

wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 2

At this point, I was already head over heels with this bright, summery, circus tent look. But I heard Tim Gunn whispering in my ear, “Make it work!” Get a move on, girl. This dreamy Saturday morning isn’t going to last forever.

So I stitched and I stitched and I stitched.

wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 4

And now I’m in love.

wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 9

wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 7wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 5wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 8

wgt blog mirror ball dot blog hop 14

The best part?

I get to wear it.

wgt blog mirror ball blog hop 15

You know what? Patsy might even love this hat. If not, Eddie would sport it in some ungainly manner, much like myself. But it’s not about how you look, it’s how you feel.

Eddie: What do you see when you look in the mirror, darling?
Patsy: Me looking fabulous. What do you see?

Think you’d like to give it a try?

This hat was made with my Over the Top Sun Hat pattern, it’s an instant PDF download via my handmade shop. The fabulous Mirror Ball Dot fabrics can be found where Michael Miller Fabrics are sold, the Fat Quarter Shop looks pretty stocked. Just rip up the fabrics in 2 dot widths, 1″ wide, layer and fuse to create one fabulous hat. Got questions? Just ask. And if you make one, please, let me know.

Before you go, don’t forget to leave a comment!

You’ll be entered to win your very own fat quarter bundle of shimmery dotted goodness and a color swatch card, to boot! I’ll be drawing the winner {randomly} next Sunday, 6/2. {good luck}


44 thoughts on “Ab Fab Mirror Ball Blog Hop Giveaway & Contest. Comment to win!

  1. Wow – I love it! So bright and colourful, just a perfect use for the fabrics. Super job, Dory! (this comment not to be included in your draw…I’m just sayin”… *-)

    • Thank you, Karen. I’ve got a pretty heavy crush on your mirror ball- brilliant! {In more ways than one} With the hat, I had a bit of an ‘It came to me in a dream” moment early Saturday AM. The strips and the brim, then I just had to kick my little family out of the house and pretend I was a contestant on Project Runway. Good times!

    • Thanks, Beth. Many a college afternoon was spent watching Patsy & Eddie, so you can imagine how delighted I was to find that my favorite fabric was named after a Jennifer Saunders pilot! :-)

  2. If I won I would definitely make your hat, I’m stuck wearing a walmart hat too small for my giant head this weekend. I regret not downloading your hat pattern sooner… :)

    • You’re a doll, Kim. I’m so pleased with it, I’m thinking about making another one for the shop. Should you get the pattern, I’m happy to give you tips on sizing it up! ( easy peasy)

  3. Aloha Dory, Great creation! Glad you’re not a quilter (like me) but I pretend at times… your hat is bright and absolutely fabulous! Cheers, sweetie!

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you did with those fabrics!! Such creativity! Thank you for sharing – I am off to download your pattern as I need a new sunhat!!

  5. I really like your use of these fabrics. That is a cool hat for a hot day, and one can never have to many hats. Congratulations

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