Organic Cotton Terry Velour

 Organic Cotton Terry Velour

Organic terry velour? Yes! A luxury fabric with a tight, fine pile that feels like velvet. Domestically made, organic from the farm to the mill and GOTS certified.

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52 inches wide
11.34 ounce weight per linear yard
12% shrinkage

Think cotton velvet or supple cotton velveteen. Snuggly and super-soft. A nap that’s plush and tight, this fabric is super-luxe.

Fresh off the bolt and available for purchase at worthygoods textile.

*Certification available once purchased, upon request.

Find organic scarves at my handmade label, worthygoods.


12 thoughts on “Organic Cotton Terry Velour

  1. Looking for best fabric to make soakers for newborn baby’s diapers. This fabric looks fabulous but afraid to buy without touching it. Terry velour, cotton Sherpa?

  2. I’m looking to make a bath-wrap that feels great against the skin, but still absorbent. Would this fabric be the best choice? Can it be dyed?

    • Hi Judy. Yes, the organic cotton velour feels really lovely against the skin and is absorbent. It dyes very well, just wash and dry it first to remove the soap and water scour. Let me know how it goes!

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