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I get it. You want to sew organic, but it’s expensive.

So buy 10 yards and get 20% off at worthygoods textile.

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See those 10 yard rolls of wholesome, luscious, organic cotton, US made textiles? They’re all ready to head out to very smart shoppers. Shoppers who saved themselves 20% right off the top, just by buying big. Clearly they were clever to begin with because they were looking for GOTS certified organic. But these folks? They get an A+, because double-bonus points for textiles made right here in the US. Want some?

No lines and no waiting, folks.

These bolts are ready to roll. 

In the studio and ready to ship, 20% off 10 yard bolts of organic cotton terry clothsherpafleecevelour and French terry2015-03-20 15.11.55-1

Want one?

Find them here.

Don’t want 10 yards but still want to save? I hear you. Use coupon code SAVE10 at checkout to save yourself 10% off your order at worthygoods textile. You’ll feel so good about it that you might just eat all the raspberries out of the fridge and put on your favorite red cape. Or, maybe that’s just us.

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What are you waiting for? 


Sale and Giveaway at the shop!

worthygoods textile 15 off Over the Top Blossom Festival Motif Kelly 2


It’s true!

Save 15% at the shop on Tsuru from Cloud9, Robotic from Birch, fluffy organic sherpa, terry, terry velour, french terry and fleece, vintage spools, and any other goodies you might find there. Just enter SUMMERTIME at checkout for your 15% discount. Sale ends Sunday, August 11th. Don’t be late!

Wait, didn’t someone say something about a giveaway?

Yep! Read on…

Patsycake Baby is having an ultra, super-sized, multi-vendor giveaway and worthygoods textile is offering a yard of organic cotton fleece as part of the bundle. Want to enter to win a slew of goodies? Head on over to her facebook page to throw your hat into the ring.


Yeah, I love that hat, too.

Find it and others like it at my handmade shop, worthygoods.

I mustache you a question… | Just in: Vintage wooden bobbins & shoe lasts.

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You do?

Well, folks, toss some ‘goods in your cart at worthygoods textile and type in coupon code YOURESOSWEET at checkout to save yourself 15%.

Need a little more incentive?

Let’s see what’s new in the shop…

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Today’s the day!

Sale ends tonight, Friday the 15th, at midnight.

Recap: Save 15% at worthygoods textile by using coupon code YOURESOSWEET.

Because you are, m’dear. You are.

July giveaway at Jeeze, Julia! | Win some vintage spools from worthygoods textile

Want to win?

You just might…

Head on over to Jeeze, Julia’s blog.

There you can enter to win six sweet ratcheted spools from worthygoods textile and a vintage goody of your choice from Maine Belle Vintage.

Whether you win or not, you can save 15% with a coupon code you’ll find in the details of the giveaway. So head on over to Julia’s blog, enter to win and take advantage of the sale.

Good luck!


Find more of those vintage ratcheted spools and other oldies but goodies at my shop.