Just in: Organic cotton terry cloth, sherpa, fleece, velour and french terry | GOTS Certified & US Made

Wait no longer

it’s all here.

organic cotton sherpa terry velour fleece french terry all US made & GOTS certified at worthygoodstextile.Etsy.com

Just head to worthygoods textile and find so much plush, organic, made in the US, GOTS Certified terry, fleece, velour, sherpa and french terry. It’s all there and more is on it’s way!

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Featuring: Miss Ladyfingers & her organic cotton bandana bib

Let me introduce you to Miss Ladyfingers.

She’s one of those crafty ladies that works all kinds of magic. And if you visit her blog, you’ll see what I mean.

But what I’m loving is this drooly bib-bandanna creation. Been around a tooth/teeth-coming-in-toddler? You know- so smart.

Sewn from organic cotton terry and organic Monsterz Spotlight in orange by Cloud9 Fabrics. I’m pretty sure it would be muuch easier to talk a toddler into sporting one of these than a ‘baby’ bib, no?

Great idea, Amanthus!

Be sure to stop by her shop and check out her snap cowls for toddlers and grown-ups alike.

3 Day Weekend Sale!

Hoorah for the 3 day weekend.

An extra day just for the beach.

Go, celebrate with your fam…

But snag some worthygoods textile, first. ;-)


Lots of new vintage wooden spools, quills and bits just in. And that organic cotton terry? Arriving next week. :-)