Summery Tsuru | iPad & iPhone cases tucked in a fold-over clutch

Inspiration often comes from necessity.

In this case, I needed to sew with Tsuru.

iPad case using Tsuru from Cloud9 Fabrics  and

I’m sure you can understand. This collection, Tsuru {cranes in Japanese} by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cloud9 Fabrics is so lovely and light. Sewing with it is a proactive way to look forward to summer. It incorporates elements of blue skies, light clouds soaring cranes, blossoms and the crisp white that I get to indulge in all. summer. long. I can already see myself out on the grass with the kiddos, listening to Pandora and well, basking. In fact, I could use some basking right now. How about you?

Tsuru ipad case

Initially I intended to just make up a case for my iPad,

but then my phone got a little put out.

So a case had to be made for the phone. And since that all went together so quickly, I made them a coordinating padded clutch, too.

Tsuru clutch and iphone casetsuru clutch, ipad case and iphone casetsuru clutch back and iphone case

And now?

Things are looking a little brighter around here.

Like to purchase a little summer for yourself? Find Tsuru at the shop.


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