Innovative eco friendly packaging | Upcycled corrugated bubble pack, biodegradable mailers & tape and more.

Sometimes I see something and think,

Why haven’t I been doing this all along?

upcycled cardboard bubble pack

Check out the big brain on Brad.

Upcycled cardboard bubble pack? Yes!

What started as a search for some heavy-weight recycled kraft paper turned into my eco-packaging discovery. While the cardboard bubble pack really knocked my little green socks off, my interest was also piqued with some of Eco Enclose’s biodegradable products, natural rubber-backed kraft tape and poly mailers. I just got my order in last night and I’m pumped to pack up today’s worthygoods textile orders with my new eco friendly packing.

Packaging that’s as responsible as the contents?

Check it out.

worthygoods textile eco friendly sustainable packaging

Course, I’d love to have an in-studio hand-crank version of the magic machine that turns out this cardboard bubble pack, I’m so glad to know where to find it. Despite my every attempt to re-use cardboard  in shipping worthygoods textile parcels out, my dear husband still ends up breaking down a bizarre amount that heads to the transfer station. {Thank you, dear.} So if you spot one of these miracle-cardboard-bubble-pack-upcycling machines, let me know! Interested in all these biodegradable goodies? You’ll have to stop by Erin’s smart shop, to check out all she has to offer.

sustainable organic fabric packaging at worthygoods textile

Next up, I’ve got my eye on these little boxes from GreenKraft for my handmade line, worthygoodsfuzzy jewels.

recycled cardboard boxes

What are your smart packaging finds?

Do dish.


I'd be tickled to hear what you think.

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