Just in: Vintage bobbins with trims | Snowy January fun

Turquoise, Emerald & Cherry Gingam

Feels like spring around here!

textile turquoise bias on bobbin 2 textile turquoise bias on bobbin 1 red bias tape on a vintage wooden spool at worthygoods textile at Etsy.com bias ribbon trim on vintage wooden bobbin worthygoodstexile.Etsy.com textile mint red turquoise bias on bobbin at worthygoodstextile.Etsy.com mint gingham bias tape on vintage wooden spool worthygoodstextile.Etsy.com


But, it’s not! Still January around here, folks. Lots of Maine winter left. What did we do with our January? Well, we went sledding on the biggest hill around

and they're off!

and they’re off!

and we made a snow bunny. Because a snowman seemed too obvious.

Jan 2013 Alden Mom & snowbunny

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year so far? I can’t complain. And that’s a good thing.

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