Surprise! Organic Fabric Giveaway Contest

Thirsty organic cotton terry & cuddly soft sherpa are back in the shop.

And I’m thinking it’s time for a giveaway, no?

Contest is closed. Winner to be announced soon!

There’s a cozy feeling I get as a shop-owner when worthygoods textile is fully stocked. And all those warm fuzzies are inspiring a giveaway. But the usual random-number-generator-comment-winner-picker is falling flat for me. So, I’ve schemed up a little Pinterest/blog post contest. Here’s how to win: Inspire me.

I can’t wait to see these Pinterest boards and (even more exciting) read your blog entries, folks.

So fun!

Updated to clarify: There must be a minimum of 5 contest entrants. Please share if you’d like.


13 thoughts on “Surprise! Organic Fabric Giveaway Contest

  1. My favorite organic cotton projects are some of the screen printed fabrics available through sellers on Etsy. Here’s a fun board on Pinterest with lots of organic cotton fabrics, and organic fabric sewing ideas. Enjoy!

  2. Oh what a fabulous idea! I just had to participate…hope many more will join and share their inspirations! Great collection of ideas so far! Here is my selection…

  3. Well, that was a lot of fun. But, then it is always fun to look at fabrics.

    Here is my pinterest board and I enjoyed looking at the others. So many beautiful fabrics and great ideas.

    • A topic that’s near and dear to my heart. Thanks for sharing your organic blog post, Nikki. Just a moment while I top off my tea with some hot water then it’s off to read.

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