What I’ve been up to | Hand Stitching and Dolly Love

Here’s a look at what I’ve been up to lately.

No, not sleeping in…

During our long drives I’ve been doing some hand-stitching. Little arms, little legs, little sleepy eyes and contented mouths.

It’s very satisfying work, especially when the kiddos are so pleased with the results of my labors. After taking some HRH and the Pea orders from friends in town, I’ve been making up lots of little quilts, pillows and crowns. But my favorite part is the tufted ticking-stripe mattress.

But then, what to do with all those little bits?

How about an overnight bag.

Check this princely bedding, organic cottons from Cloud9 Fabrics in Monsters. And the overnight bags are sewn in Mirror Ball Dot from my much-adored stash.

Like to make your own HRH? Find links to the tutorial here.

Have questions about sewing curly hair with yarn, making a princely version, the mattress or overnight bag?

Please comment. I’ll dish the details.

Too early for a sleepover?


2 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to | Hand Stitching and Dolly Love

  1. oh man, so stinking cute!!! I see a new product line? Plus such a great use of your fabrics for clothes, too cute. I also envision a few ticking mattresses stacked together with a giant green pea betwixt them- a la princess and the pea! get some!
    ~abigail aka @GrayDayShop

    • Thanks, Abigail! I love the idea of stacking up the ticking mattresses with a big ‘ole pea between. Photo op!

      The dolly is a pattern I found in Mollie Makes (love) magazine by Tree Fall Designs. The mattresses? All mine, however. ;-)

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