Just in: Destash Fabric Bundles.

Organics, wools, shimmer dots, oh my!

I did just go there, didn’t I.

Well, if things are getting a little corny around here, it’s because I’m high off the purge fumes in the studio. The 30 Day Destuff that’s happening at home carried over to my workspace in the basement, yesterday. And many fabrics in the stash were parted with (!) bundled up and weighed.

So, folks. If you want in on the ‘goods, head on over to the shop and check out the new Scrap Bundle Destash section. You’ll find scrappy bundles of fabrics running the gamut, from organics to wools to quilting cottons…

Even my shimmer dot stash scraps have been thrown in the mix!

For reals.

This purge is getting serious.

What’s going to get listed next?

Check here to find out. Looking for a fun project to use these smalls? Try Jeeze, Julia!’s DIY coasters, fun (useful!) and easy.


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