Project in progress: Princess and the Pea by Tree Fall Designs

I opened up my mailbox

and was bitten by the Mollie Makes bug.

The little people that accompanied me on the mail run were completely smitten with the softie on the cover.

“Can you make me one, Mom?” While Jam Baby, too small for the vocab, was nodding hard in agreement, eyes wide and brows raised. Before we made it back up the driveway we already had plans made for a price and a princess. And the prince would have curly hair. Of course.

This little sleeping princess dolly and genius stack of quilts was designed by Manda McGrory, a British textiles designer for Mollie Makes magazine issue 15 {find the templates here}. But for us it’s prince and princess, twice the quilts, as well as some curly hair to boot…

I’m up for the challenge.

Are you?

Updated: Introducing, the royals.

You’re not? Well, Manda’s shop is here. She sells her princess and the pea sets there, as well as some inspiring scrap packs that would make fun little dresses, or princely shorts. Ahem.

7 thoughts on “Project in progress: Princess and the Pea by Tree Fall Designs

  1. Wow, it’s looking amazing! I am very far from getting around to doing this project, but I’m glad to see other people’s versions. I love it because my mum used to tease me and say I was like the princess in the story because I was so hypersensitive! I’d like to make one for my little boy :)

    • Thank you, Suki. I’m having so much fun with this. I have hats to sew, but I want to just put them in a pile and work up more of these cute little quilts. I’ll be sure and post the patterns to the shirt and shorts, should you decide to make one for your little guy.

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    • Oh yes! And if you’re wanting the mattress pattern, I’ve scanned the template (easy) in. Although, you’re pretty darned crafty, you likely don’t need any assistance from me. Please post when you do. I’d love to share your work and blog with my readers. ;-)

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