Just in: Rescued Silks | Suggestions?

What’s so special about silk?

It glows.

Not only that, but these silks were rescued from a shuttered textile mill in New Jersey, Alex Silks. A mill that had been open since the 1930’s. These silks were ready for production when the mill closed about 5 years ago.

And this is where you come in. Aside from display, what could these lovely threads be used for? I’ll be using some of them to display my bangles at my handmade shop. But I’m wondering if they could be used in replacement of traditional quilting cottons? Fill me in, experts!

How would you use these pretty silks?

Find these silk-wrapped quills at the shop. Also, a reminder- the sale ends tonight!


2 thoughts on “Just in: Rescued Silks | Suggestions?

  1. Ohhhh, I don’t see them in the context of sewing, because I am not particularly skilled toward that end.

    My first thought was, “A corona on a sculpture!” because they are spiky and regal-looking. The glow of the silk really translates through the pictures, so I imagine it is incredible in facespace.

    Second thought: “Coat tree spindles!” There were third and fourth thoughts, too, but I won’t bore you.

    • Ooh, I’m really diggin’ on coat tree spindles. You see, I’m always trying to make a cool hat display (verrah similar to the coat tree) and you have triggered a lightbulb moment.

      I’ll let you know…

      Also, corona on sculpture sounds pretty amazing. And so, totally not in my skill set.

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