Inspiration | The Calico Jungle

Does inspiration come out of the blue?

Or the pages of a good book. Take naptime, for instance.

Mr. P, Jam Baby and I were all snuggled up to read The Calico Jungle by Dahlov Ipcar. And if you’ve read it, you know where this is going.

“Every night, after his mother tucked him into bed and kissed him good night, the little boy lay there in his bed, in the dim evening light, and looked at all the animals among the strange and wonderful trees. “

Excerpt from The Calico Jungle

It’s time for this mother to make her boy a quilt. A vibrant jungle quilt. One with bold shades of black and green. Where the animals and the flora are layered and twine. In this story, my story, the mother is inspired by another mother, artist Dahlov Ipcar. Inspired by her bold, lush artwork, intense use of color and pattern, as well as her tale. It’s time to start collecting fabrics, thrifted and new. Time to start sketching and planning. Time to begin.

What book has inspired you to create?

Learn more about Dhalov Ipcar in her own words, My Family, My Life, My Art. Purchase your own copy of The Calico Jungle from Islandport Press.

I'd be tickled to hear what you think.

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