Just in: Vintage Industrial Era Wooden Goodies

Made to last.

Ahem. Wonderful little wooden spools, bobbins and shoe lasts from the Industrial Era. That’s like forever ago, folks.

I’ve been blowing the dust off and researching what kids of jobs these enduring (Well, endearing, too. Have a peek at these.) tools were doing all those years ago. Well, that and this. It can’t all be work.

Those tiny little ratcheted bobbins? They would dance around maypole-style to create cording. Now? For holding bits of ribbon and floss.

The silk spools? Each has hard rubber ends so the tough silk fibers don’t splinter the spools when reeling. I know, cool huh? Each shape was specifically engineered to perform a task for the fiber at hand and this wanna-be textile buff is having great fun sponging up the trivia.

But these? These have me wanting to know more about the shoes that were made from these lasts. Red? Patent? I’m pretty sure ELSA was a hot ticket.

Going dancing this weekend?

All of these storied wooden gems can be found in the shop.


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