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I’m veering off the textile path a bit here. And while it all might sound kinda dry at the beginning, I’m certain it’s very much worth talking about.

Honoring the intellectual labor of discovery when sharing online.

They’re both important. The source and where you found it.

Each requires credit and at the same time, we (those of us doing the sharing) require a simple, consistent system for proper attribution. Odds are good you’ve been in a similar situation, wondering what’s necessary/appropriate/ethical in terms of credit due. Through this creative work of online discovery, of finding and compiling information to share, you know the importance of attribution. Now, with an oh-so-newly-introduced (Friday) symbol system, it’s suggested that when using these two clever characters appropriately, we can share fair.

Please allow Maria Popova of Brain Pickings to introduce the Curator’s Code.

 =  via | indicates a link of direct discovery
 = hat tip | indicates a link of indirect discovery, story lead, or inspiration.

Two simple little symbols. One identifies where you found that little gem (hat tip) and another that credits the original source (via) of this little nugget that must be shared.

Maybe it is just the beginning of a larger conversation of online attribution, but it is a pragmatic and simple step in the right direction.

As for me, I’ll be experimenting with both  &  to cite online attribution. So be on the lookout for these symbols here and there, using the bookmarklet Brain Pickings. (Was that right? I don’t think so.) I’m still not entirely sure how to use them, it’s all very new. My favorite use so far is on twitter, a single character-saving symbol says a whole lot while giving credit where credit is due. Further, I also wonder if Pinterest and their terms-of-use issue might benefit from implementation of an automatic chain-of-credit with their pin system. I’m certainly pinning away, even (ironically enough) with an intellectual property attribution board. One I started when I came across a pin for the proper citation of a tweet. The Atlantic Pinterest (Better.)

What are your thoughts?


I'd be tickled to hear what you think.

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