Introducing: Jeeze Julia!

Have you met Jeeze Julia!? No? Well, let me introduce you. Oh wait- I hope she’s in. From what I gather, she’s usually busy thrifting with her dears, reading a romantic classic, working, writing or snapping inspiring pictures out and about in her lovely city of Portland. Portland, Maine. Yup, the other one. I used to live there myself and return frequently for inspiring doses of my favorite little city. But I digress.

Julia Berry of Jeeze Julia! and I ‘met’ through my fabric shop. She was searching for organic fabrics, you know, grown without the extras they don’t need anyway and printed with things that aren’t so toxic?  Well, there is lots of that to be found on the internets these days, but her criteria were even greener. What about those feel-good-fabrics that didn’t have to travel a gazillion miles and amass a giant carbon footprint just to get to her mailbox? Where were those to be found? Well, fortunately for all of us, Etsy’s got this super-smart Shop Local search feature. Long story short, right up the coast she found worthygoods textile. Then blogged it. I was super flattered, impressed with her commitment to being low-impact and I’ve been following along ever since!

Julia’s energy and bright outlook is always inspiring:

worthygoods textile blog introducing

Excellent advice. Some of the lovely things she’s made featuring worthygoods textile’s organic fabrics are here.

What else is she up to? Well Julia has a lovely Etsy shop, writes for Goodwill New England’s blog on occasion as well as her own. I know, wow! Still feeling social? Keep up with her here: facebook & twitter.

And, lovely readers- a treat for you: take a minute to visit her shop and get a generous 15% off there with coupon code WORTHYFAN at checkout- good till next Sunday, the 26th at 6 pm. Hop to it!

Thanks for letting me introduce you to the crew, Julia. Stay cozy!

Find many of the organic cotton fabrics Jeeze Julia! uses and more at worthygoods textile on I also use these organic textiles in my own handmade line.

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